Guide to Splash House

If you’ve never been to or heard of Splash House, it’s a festival you don’t want to miss. It’s a pool party/ music festival located in the sunny Palm Springs, California. It’s everything you want from a pool party in Vegas, but with people who attend have the festival mentality instead of bro’s. The people at Splash House have the most amazing vibes, it’s easy to make friends with everyone around you.

Splash House consists of three hotels: The Saguaro, The Riviera, and The Renaissance. The lineups are always impeccable, and you can catch artists you normally wouldn’t be able to (especially at a pool)! 

Here are some tips for making the most out of Splash House:


Having a balcony allows you to enjoy the festival right from your own room. If you’re overheating by the pool you can also escape to the air conditioning of your room and freshen up. Saguaro balcony rooms tend to sell out first, because of the close proximity of the balconies to the stage and the colorful atmosphere. 

If you do end up booking a balcony room, be sure to enter the Bitchin’ Balconies decoration contest! The most creatively designed balconies win a room and tickets to the next Splash House.


Another beauty of having your own room is that you can bring all the alcohol you want. Believe me, it’s nice on the wallet. Don’t forget to stock up on tons of water, not just alcohol! Bring a cooler because the fridges are tiny and I’m sure you’ll be drinking more than just a 6-pack of beer. Stock up on ice from the store because the ice machines at the hotel are definitely exhausted.


If your squad runs deep, it’s a great idea to book an Airbnb for your everyone to sleep in and use your hotel as a place to have drinks and party in. The Airbnb’s in Palm Springs are gorgeous and often have incredible pools.


Don’t forget to plan on pre-partying Friday night at the Air Museum. The afterhours tickets include both Friday and Saturday night. The venue is unique, with airplanes and open hangers surrounding you. The Air Museum lineup is separate from the actual festival and usually include live acts such as Rufus Du Sol, Justin Jay and the Fantastic Voyage, Phantoms, Classixx, and Bob Moses.


After the party it’s the afterparty and after the afterparty it’s the… hotel lobby? One of my favorite parts of Splash House are the renegades you’ll be sure to find after the afterparty, in lieu of, or even during the actual fest. As a DJ myself, I’ve definitely thrown my fair share of renegades. Walking down the hallways of each hotel you can hear music blasting through the doors. Most people are friendly enough to welcome strangers and welcome you to party with them, make sure to BYOB. You might even be lucky enough to find DJ’s from Splash House throwing down a completely random set to just a few people. Or you might find some complete random throwing down a fire set, you never know what you’ll find!


If you don’t want to go the route of finding a hotel renegade every night, you can be sure to find new friends who who are throwing an afterparty at their Airbnb. I’ve definitely seen some cool places with full DJ setup & production with DJ’s from Splash House on the decks. 

Catch you at the next Splash House! Don’t forget your festival fan, parasol and sunscreen to stay safe from the heat!

Cami Gener

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