Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

I love the quality of these fans! I used to buy a ton of those cheap ones from China Town for each festival, knowing they’d eventually fall apart. These are high quality, from the printing to the build. Also LOOOOOOOOOVE that loud crack sound they make when you snap them open. It’s addicting, really.

Melissa Sorich

These fans are the best out there. They’re bigger than all the other ones but not too big that they’re inconvenient to carry. Super sturdy materials so you get big gusts of air with each flicka da wrist. And the prints are the best. Definitely my favorite fans out there, can’t wait to buy more!

Erin Sakakibara

I was first introduced to these fans at Shambhala Music Festival by my friends and the founders of Fancy Unicorns, Zach and Jess. I usually leave the dance floor because of over heating, but after I was given one of these I was able to stay and dance all night long. Also, a great tip to combat the odor of sweaty people around you is to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto your fan and fan away! Not only do you get dance floor AC, but your own personal air freshener as well!

Ari Capriola