More Fanning Movement - Fan Etiquette 101

 More Fanning Movement - Fan Etiquette 101

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so, you’ve definitely heard the sound of someone ‘thwapping’ their fan at a show or festival. The question is, do you love it or do you hate it? It started off innocently, a simple thwap of the fan. You know, that loud sound when someone whips their fan open. Sometimes it’s on the beat and incredible, and sometimes it’s obnoxiously loud and in your face. You want to say something to the person that’s overdoing it, but all of a sudden, they fan you and the cold gust of wind makes you forget your thwapping woes. That’s why we are starting the “More Fanning Movement

Do you remember the first time you thwapped a fan? The feeling of gratification when thwapping a fan is unreal. All of a sudden, the power of the thwap is in your hands. But as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Here are some tips on what we like to call, Fan Etiquette.


Have you ever been to a set and the DJ keeps obnoxiously getting on the mic and yelling over the music? And you thought to yourself, 'damn, can you just let the song play?' That’s how everyone around you feels when you thwap your fan at every single moment. Remember to tastefully do it once in a while and remember that people are here to listen to the music. Obnoxious thwapping is equivalent to the rave whistle. Just don’t.


More often than not, the constant sound of fans thwapping messes with the DJ’s. It sounds like the speakers are blown to the DJ, and nothing is more frustrating than not being able to provide the best sound for your audience. It distracts the DJ when they should be focusing on the fire tracks they’re rinsing. 


If you’re going to thwap, try to do it where the thwaps actually go with the music and don’t overpower the audio. Believe me, it’s possible to find that balance. I believe myself to be a classy motherthwapper. I’ve heard way too many people thwapping their fans just for the sake of thwapping their fans and even have the nerve to do it offbeat. DO NOT be one of those people.


If you’ve ever had the feeling of someone standing way too close to you and felt their sweaty body touch you, taking every fiber of your being to not shove them away, then you know what people feel like when you thwap your fans in their face/personal space. People throw angry glares at you when you obnoxiously thwap your fan in their face, and nobody wants that. Thwap your fan without invading the personal space of those around you.


Want to hear a wild concept? That fan you hold in your hand is more than a thwapping instrument. It can be waved in a such a fashion that provides cool wind to yourself and those around you. Remember those angry glares from obnoxious thwapping? Those angry glares can easily be turned into looks of adoration when you actually fan the sweaty beings around you. I’m not joking when I say I’ve had confessions of love and claims of me being everyone’s favorite person when I fan everyone around me. “I love you so much.” “Omg you’re a lifesaver.” “You’re an angel!” “That feels so good.” Some of the compliments that are sure to come to you once you learn to fan everyone. The fan is made for providing Dance Floor AC to yourself and those around you. Be the breeze.

Remember kids, thwap responsibly. Join the “More Fanning Movement."

Cami Gener

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