Staying Cool at the Festival

 festival fans staying cool at a festival


As you have previously learned, festival fans are not just for thwapping! Festival fans provide cool wind to you and everyone around you. My fan is a festival accessory I never leave home without. Pro tip: put essential oils on the fabric of the fans to further the cooling experience of the fan. 


Aside from being an attractive festival accessory, parasols provide shade from the sun and help prevent you from overheating. It also works as a great totem when you’re trying to meet up with friends in the crowd. Using a fan/parasol combo attracts people to you like moths to a flame. Pro Tip: parasols can also provide wind when you open and close the parasol, a technique learned by the pros. 


A cooling towel is a festival necessity people often overlook. Bring a cooling towel to wrap around your neck to help you from getting too hot. These towels have the technology to stay cool for hours after you wet them with cold water and wring them out. It also helps you soak up all of the sweat dripping from your body. Pro Tip: stick a few ice cubes in it for extra cooling.


One of the most important things to remember while partying under the sun is to STAY HYDRATED. And no, beer and alcohol DO NOT count! Bring a hydration pack or refillable water bottle instead of constantly buying plastic water bottles. It’s good for the environment and your wallet! A refillable water bottle like a Hydro Flask can keep your water cool for hours.  Yet, since you’re sure to be guzzling down water you might be better off with a hydration pack with a higher capacity. I love the pack by Lunch Box which features a couple of Fancy Unicorns’ popular designs on their skins and anti-theft protection. The design of the backpack makes it easier to fill the water bladder, leaving more time for you to enjoy your favorite DJ’s sets.

Pro Tip: give the bartenders a few bucks and they’ll allow you to fill your hydration pack or bottle with some ice. 


Amazon has great choices for these misters and spray bottles in different sizes. Some even come with little koozies for the bottles to keep your water cool. Everyone will love you. If you’re feeling cheeky, squirt guns can be used instead. But beware, people are much more susceptible to the misters. Pro Tip: use the spray bottle in combination with your festival fan to help the misting reach more people.

Stay cool out there, unicorns!

Cami Gener

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